Tuesday, 23 April 2013

...loving crop tops

Being a child from the nineties, I am no stranger to the crop top. When I was about 13, I had a blue cropped vest that I wore with a matching blue skirt for an entire summer. As much as I loved that outfit back then, as I grew up I never really expected or wanted to wear crop tops again. So when they started making their appearance again, if I am totally honest I was a little horrified and wrote it off as a trend for the teenagers. A couple of months later I got swept into the trend and ended up buying one. Even though I had bought one I had no intention of baring my midriff, instead wearing it with high waisted skirts and layered over longer shirts. This all changed when I saw two of my favorite bloggers Krystal and Blair wear crop tops and ladylike skirts. They both looked so elegant and it was the total opposite look I would have expected. Although a little late, I am now officially converted. I just have to work on toning my belly.

Katrina   x

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