Sunday, 12 May 2013

...eating in Hong Kong

Eggettes (photo from Janet Ching (Gourmet Traveller 88)

I'm off on a last minute trip to Hong Kong on Friday. Obviously I am most excited to see my family and friends over there. However, a close second is eating all the things I can't eat in the UK. The first food item on my list are Eggettes(雞蛋仔), they are the Chinese equivalent of waffles. The bottomless list goes on like my bottomless stomach, including red bean ice cream, everything green tea flavoured, takoyaki (technically, not native of Hong Kong but I last ate them there) and many many more. On my last trip I walked past a stall selling delicious Taiwanese fried chicken(台灣大雞排)that were bigger than my face, sadly at the time I had just eaten dinner and couldn't try them but this time I am defiantly not going to miss out. Follow me on instagram to see what I am up to (or eating) whilst I am in away!!
Katrina x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

...eating all weekend

These photos basically sum up my food filled bank holiday weekend. Started off the weekend with some sushi and bubble tea with friends. We went to Eat Tokyo near Trafalgar Square, recommended to me by my "food guru" and friend Julie. Try it if you are in the area, amazing food!! I then went on to enjoy the laziest weekend at home, with brunch on Saturday cooked by my sister. which was a hollowed out crusty bread roll baked with bacon and eggs. Followed by homemade Vietnamese food on Sunday (not pictured). Then to end the weekend with a bang, a huge family barbeque. As I have mentioned before, no family gathering is really complete without some seafood. I had great weekend spent with my friends and family. So with my clothes a bit tighter, I am back to work. 
How did you spend your weekend?  
Katrina x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

...wishing for shift dresses

Zara DressSandals

My two favourite periods for vintage fashion has to be the 50's and 60's (with a little bit of 70's thrown in for good measure). So it is no surprise that two of my favourite silhouettes is the full skirt and the shift dress. So when I saw this cute shift dress on the zara website I knew I had to have it, I love the simple shape and the block colours. I will warn you now, I will probably be wearing it to death all summer.  
Katrina x

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